Is my signal design reasonable? Using different model outputs to enhance scheme designs. – Adam Greenland & Lucy Beeston – TfL

Since 2016 TfL and London boroughs have, collectively, added 250km of new cycle routes. As we know, designing additional protected facilities for vulnerable users at signalised junctions is often difficult and complex as introducing additional conflicting phases reduces the capacity of junctions for other modes.

Last year at JCT, TfL presented the 4th version of our Traffic Modelling Guidelines and our presentation this year will focus on the scheme assessment section, specifically how model outputs from different platforms can help deliver optimised signal designs that work for all modes. Adam Greenland will present three examples from schemes that have been designed, showing how he has used model outputs to optimise phases and stages. Lucy Beeston, will then give a further update from a modelling guidelines perspective, giving an overview of the revised Model Audit Process (MAP) which includes several new and exciting developments.

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