John Nightingale

The Tortoise and The Hare Modelling road user micro-journeys to determine accurate Intergreen times – Darren Hudson – Traffic Group Technology

The selection of appropriate intergreen times is an essential safety consideration for any traffic signal design. If the times chosen are too short, collisions or near-misses could result. At the other end of the scale, times that are too long impact on efficiency. Guidance states that the suitability of intergreen…
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Developments in Pedestrian Metrics and their use in the Optimisation of Signalised Crossings – Andrew Caleya Chetty – Starling Technologies Ltd

Pedestrian metrics are needed for traffic engineers to get insights into pedestrian behaviour.  Because pedestrian behaviour is very different from vehicle behaviour then, while we still need flow, speed, density and delay, we also have to understand how the counter-propagating flows, the less well-defined mixing of pedestrians arriving and leaving…
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The A45 Chowns Mill ‘throughabout, half-hamburger, walnut whip, moon and sun’ roundabout – Mark Roxburgh – National Highways

WINNER : Overall Best Paper 2023 In 2021 National Highways completed the improvements to the A45 Chowns Mill roundabout following nearly 20 months of work. The scheme has delivered improved capacity, safety and walking/cycling routes. This paper explores the origins of the scheme, what other options were considered, the design…
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