Smart radar – upgrading the technology on Lincoln Road Newark – Peter Eccleson – SVS & Bob Roth VIA – East Midlands

Lincoln Road is a main arterial route between Newark Town Centre and the A1 to the east and has an Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of 18,300 vehicles. MOVA loop detection would have required ducting installing on the bridge close to the railway and the Overhead Line Equipment (OLE, considered undesirable and to be avoided. Initially a decision was made to use magnetometers but when the magnetometers were coming towards the end of their life a decision was taken to install radar detectors.

The smartmicro™ radar offers all the advantages of other brands (pole mounted, no cutting into carriageway, no ducting) whilst being able to cover multiple lanes on an approach from a single radar unit. The addition of the data collection capability from the SVS Novus data aggregator provided an added bonus. This cost-effective solution was chosen to be the ideal replacement for the magnetometers and Novus was added for site data collection.

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