Improving Urban Traffic Control with live multimodal data in Leeds – Joel Dodsworth – Leeds City Council & Daniel Chambers – VivaCity

Leeds, like many local councils in the UK, faces challenges in accessing high quality data for traffic control. The data we receive is outdated, incomplete, and inaccurate, leading to problems on our local roads and junctions. To tackle these challenges, Leeds City Council partnered with VivaCity. Using their Smart Signal Traffic Control product, which delivers rich multimodal data in real time, we aim to improve our traffic control algorithms. During this presentation, we will present on the progress we’ve made and lessons learned while implementing our project with VivaCity. Discover the impressive impact and results of a single sensor monitoring pedestrian waiting areas, vehicle counts on individual lanes, and cycle lane approaches. And after, listen in for a teaser of the next step of our project, where we will be integrating this data with our central control algorithm.

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