The role of Intelligent Transport Systems in enhancing efficiencies and creating a more connected transport network throughout Derbyshire – Andrea Newman & David Hilton Barber

SWARCO has worked with Derbyshire County Council to deliver an improved standard UTMC product core by adding new functionality, adapters and utilising externally APIs to make the most of commercially available data sources.

Working with Derbyshire City Council, SWARCO has implemented a solution to the council’s problems by using our MyCity UTMC software to disseminate information about events and network conditions to the public via automated or manual tweets via Twitter.

MyCity UTMC also represents Car Park Systems as standard Car Park Objects and regularly updates with real-time occupancy data.

Another way in which we enhanced the solution for Derbyshire was by implementing a Pre-emtive Traffic Management System (PTMS) to use real-time traffic data to pre-empt traffic problems by putting into place ‘intervention packages’ consisting of direct messaging to road users and the settings of VMS.

By using Viasala Web Service we can monitor weather conditions and using Drakewell C2 – data from Bluetooth Journey Time Sensors with automatic traffic counters Derbyshire can use all this data in strategies.

“This project is a great example of how SWARCO and Derbyshire City Council have enabled cooperation and coordination across the ITS network.

They have taken the common database and expanded it beyond what UTMC was originally designed to do. Bringing in new data sources and creating strategies using that data has had a positive impact on our network. This project is also a great example of coordination between different ITS companies, as we have a diverse range of equipment from multiple suppliers.” – David Hilton Barber.

Within our MyCity UTMC solution for Derbyshire, Bus Open Data Service (BODS) provides real-time bus location data. This allows Derbyshire to visualise on the map view the current performance of the bus network and take action if necessary. Using the real-time data on the performance of buses in Strategy Designer acts as a trigger for corrective action or alerts.

Using the Eagle Eye network, Derbyshire can also view snapshots from CCTV cameras and view our live video stream.

For temporary traffic management and events, MyCity UTMC can also control Mobile VMS to set and view messages displayed on mobile signs in the same fashion as conventional fixed VMS.

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